2019-08-28 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2019-08-28, 12am ET


Maurizio PillituFINOS
Brian Ingenito (Deactivated)Morgan Stanley
Tosha EllisonFINOS
Alexandra StratigosFINOS
Gabriele ColumbroFINOS
Tom SchadyGreenKey Technologies
Deepak MehtaFOSSA
Micheal HollanderWhiteSource
Rhys ArkinsWhiteSource
David HabushaWhiteSource

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Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
2019-12-18 ODP WG Meeting notes
2019-12-18 ODP WG Meeting notes
James McLeod (Unlicensed)2019-10-9 ODP WG Meeting notes
  • GitHub consolidation docs on handbook -  INT-748 - Getting issue details... STATUS
2019-08-28 ODP WG Meeting notes
2019-08-28 ODP WG Meeting notes
  • Add docs to GitHub consolidation re. security checks on GitHub
2019-08-14 ODP WG Meeting notes


Time ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsConvene & Roll CallBrian Ingenito (Deactivated)
15 minsWhiteSource integration for GitHub.comMaurizio Pillitu
  • Demo: Walk through cla-bot
    • how was it enabled
    • how was it configured (high level of config options)
    • how was it tested (see issue being raised)
  • Improvements from other bots (ie dependabot)
    • Configuration via PR gives project team visibility of whats going on
    • devDependencies excluded by default, leading to less noise
    • WhiteSource dashboard gives a super admin view to FINOS Staff across all repos
  • Show draft docs - WhiteSource for GitHub.com
  • Discuss about responsible disclosure and how to manage notifications (see  INT-745 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Ask WhiteSource about issue  ODP-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS
15 minsFOSSA SpikeMaurizio Pillitu
  • Working demo of a project scan with FOSSA (see ODP-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Next steps (see  ODP-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
5 minsRetrospective on current sprintGroup
  • GitHub org consolidation
    • All repos under github.com/finos
    • All security alerts are addressed by team
    • Inactive repositories are reported to PMC for archival
    • Project READMEs use FINOS badges and language, especially around CLA

Next steps: mao and Jamie to share docs in FINOS Handbook and socialize (at PMC level first, then wider community)

10 minsPlanning next SprintGroup
10 minsBacklog scrubbingGroup
5AOB & adjourn


Getting better at email reminders for ODP calls: should be sent at least 2 days before the meeting. Anyone volunteers? If using Confluence for minutes is an impediment, let's switch to GitHub Wiki from now on, and only for meeting minutes.

Action Items

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