Open Developer Platform Project

Project Charter

The Open Developer Platform Project is tasked with advising and prioritizing the building and managing of FINOS infrastructure that FINOS members are able to access for communication and open source software development, also known as the Open Developer Platform (ODP).

The Project collaboratively maintains a prioritized backlog of requirements, and the FINOS Infra team - with the help of FINOS Community - independently works through that backlog in priority order.

The ODP Project was approved by the PMC on 21 June 2018.

How to contribute

To submit a new feature or request to the ODP backlog, feel free to create a new ODP issue in GitHub; if you're not familiar with ODP, you can always email to get in touch with the Project and ask for guidance. To help prioritizing the request, you can join our bi-weekly WebEx calls (details to the right)

If you're a software vendor providing build automation for open source software that can help solve friction points many developers at financial institutions face, we'd be happy to work together and host your technology on ODP.

If you are an API provider, working with some of our members or other firms in the financial world, we can host your API on ODP: the full FINOS Community can get to know your technology, and contributors will get free and preferred access to the API, delivering a first-class onramp experience for developers.

Everyone is welcome to listen and submit feedback to the group; all our content and conversations are (and will be) public.

ODP Project meeting

  • Wednesdays 12pm ET, bi-weekly, check the FINOS Program Calendar for next meeting
  • WebEx info
    • WebEx URL
    • WebEx Meeting number - 661 146 297
    • +1-240-454-0879 USA Toll
    • +1-647-484-1596 CANADA Toll
    • +44-20319-88141 UK Toll

The Open Developer Platform

The Open Developer Platform (ODP) is a fully hosted developer platform offered free of charge to all our software contributors; it is composed of communication and software development tools, and can be plugged with additional build automations tools.

For an overview of ODP use cases, features and benefits, visit the ODP website page; to know more about access and configurations, please visit the ODP Wiki page.

Need help? Email we'll get back to you.

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