2020-02-26 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2020-02-26, 12am ET


James McLeodFINOS
Maurizio PillituFINOS
Aaron GriswoldFINOS
Tosha EllisonFINOS
Isaac CohenGitHub
Albert ChenFossa

Outstanding Action Items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
2019-12-18 ODP WG Meeting notes
2019-12-18 ODP WG Meeting notes
James McLeod (Unlicensed)2019-10-9 ODP WG Meeting notes
  • GitHub consolidation docs on handbook -  INT-748 - Getting issue details... STATUS
2019-08-28 ODP WG Meeting notes
2019-08-28 ODP WG Meeting notes
  • Add docs to GitHub consolidation re. security checks on GitHub
2019-08-14 ODP WG Meeting notes


Time ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsConvene & Roll Call
10 minsgithub.com/finos org settings and membership/team managementMaurizio PillituSee https://github.com/finos/open-developer-platform/issues/57 , https://github.com/finos/open-developer-platform/issues/71 and https://github.com/finos/open-developer-platform/issues/70
5 minsGitHub.com Projects for private and public repositoriesMaurizio Pillituhttps://github.com/finos/open-developer-platform/issues/73

10 minsCatching up on FOSSA spike for FINSOMaurizio Pillitu
5 minsGitLab.com/finosfoundation settingsMaurizio Pillituhttps://github.com/finos/open-developer-platform/issues/72
5 minsAlloy updateMaurizio Pillitu
  • refining Docusaurus build action
  • auto generate Contributing web page, taken from .github content
15 mins

Update on current sprint. Including.

  • ...
Group / James McLeod (Unlicensed) / Maurizio Pillitu

15 minsBacklog prioritisation and epic allocation Group

ODP Project Kanban - https://github.com/orgs/finos/projects/8

5AOB, Q&A & Adjourn


Maurizio Pillitu - Alloy microsite update - https://alloy.finos.org/

Action Items

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