2019-01-16 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2019-01-16, 12am ET


Morgan StanleyChair
Jamie JonesGitHubParticipant
Diane Mueller-KlingsporRed HatParticipant
Maurizio PillituFINOSParticipant
Gabriele ColumbroFINOSFacilitator
Rob Underwood (Deactivated)FINOSFacilitator
Adam BatkinAQRGuest
Espen OverbyeOpenFinGuest
Riko EksteenAdaptiveGuest
Rich LinnellJPMCGuest
Tristan RatchfordWellingtonGuest

Outstanding Action Items

  • Plan report on removing frictions, ie once a month, to this group from Maurizio Pillitu
  • Maurizio Pillitu - clear way to validate ODP activities and report back to the group


Time ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsConvene & Roll CallBrian Ingenito (Deactivated)Who is the secretary?
15 mins

Update group on FINOS priorities and resourcing after strategic offsite


  • Reduce number of backlogs - removing frictions is part of ODP backlog
  • Priorities:
    • Program Support → FO and FDC3 requests for standard documentation / release process ( ODP-61 - Getting issue details... STATUS , ODP-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    • Fix email → move to a different system <add issue here Maurizio Pillitu>
    • Fix wiki → move to Github for new programs and then define a transition plan <add issue here Maurizio Pillitu>
  • Ongoing: present progress this group every two weeks (sprint end)
15 mins
Review approach for FINOS recommended object library (project) definition

ODP-62 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Maurizio Pillitu

Adam Batkin

Adam Batkin has provided very good input to Maurizio Pillitu and the work required to support a standard type definition and documentation. Objective is to validate approach and make sure appropriate task and stories are added to the backlog.


  1. open conversation around JSON Schema VS ProtoBuf as language for object definition
  2. discuss protobuf extensibility; based on what implemented on proto-test, how can objects be extended? see com.factset.symbology.entity in the latest FOS proposed object definition.
10 minsFinal Scrubbing and start sprintGroup

Review ODP backlog and start sprint

10 minsRoadmap update GroupWho can take the action to update the roadmap for this group in 2019?
5AOB & adjourn



We heard a lot of good feedback in favour of using JSON Schema - instead of ProtoBuf - as a language to define object definitions within the FOS working group.

The language have some indisputable advantages compared to ProtoBuf, such as the flexibility, the features (inheritance, optional/mandatory fields, validations, etc), which is where the group agreed upon; however, there have been different opinions whether this tool would be "accessible" enough for business analysts.

On the downside, JSON Schema does not provide - as ProtoBuf does - a consolidate set of tools for static code and docs generation, which requires custom configuration and setup.

A couple of other interesting/recurring considerations:

  • ProtoBuf is conceived as a wire protocol format, which also affects the language syntax (ie properties must be numbered) and user experience
  • It is unclear who is leading the "JSON Schema" initiative and how it is governed (couldn't find much info on the web), though it looks healthy as open source project, though still in an incubation phase (see version 0.7)

Action Items

Need help? Email help@finos.org we'll get back to you.

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