2018-07-31 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2018-07-31


Outstanding Action Items


Time (mins)ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsReview last meeting notes actionsGroupSee 2018-07-25 ODP WG Meeting Notes
5 min

Confirm/plan recurrent meeting (given summer break)


Shall we keep August 8 call? Mao and Brian are off

Discuss the possibility to use GitHub Wiki to host ODP WG docs


Conversation triggered via 1:1 chat between Maurizio Pillitu and Brian Ingenito (Unlicensed); this solution would allow Brian (and any Morgan Stanley employee) to edit Wiki contents for the ODP WG. It would also constitute a useful feedback for the OSR program.


ODP Backlog prioritization


Maurizio Pillitu: Should sign up form be a priority? See  ODP-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Wiki docs review


How to request access to ODP? Missing docs on WG Wiki page

10ODP at OSSFGroup

How many talks to deliver and which type of content; an ODP training on day3 could be an option?

15AOB & adjourn


Decisions Made

Action Items

  • Diane Mueller-Klingspor - shorten ODP WG newsletter paragraph. Link to the FDX Press Release on "As announced on June 27th"
  • Maurizio PillituBrian Ingenito (Unlicensed) - Move on with Wiki on GitHub 1) how to setup PMC teams 2) how to setup issues and task notes for meeting notes 1.1) Blogpost on "Learning lessons on open source collaboration"
  • Maurizio Pillitu - build an epic around ODP-3 , clean up requirements and notes
  • Nikolay Ganev - create a test mailing list, see ODP-11, invite Brian and Diane
  • Maurizio Pillitu - remove ODP tasks from board that should not be discussed (there is an "Infrastructure" component on ODP issues; all these issues are filtered our from the board)
  • Maurizio Pillitu - build a new epic called "ODP onboarding" and drag ODP-1 => involved Diane Mueller-Klingspor
  • Maurizio Pillitu - "create an ODP Service Catalog" epic . CLA bot and bot github chatops are good examples
  • Maurizio Pillitu - delete August 8th meeting

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