2019-01-02 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2019-01-02, 12am ET


Outstanding Action Items


Time (mins)ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
2Who's in the callGroup

Split ODP-52 in 2 separate issues


FDC3 documentation guidelines and FOS object standards setup are taking different (sometimes parallel) activities.
5Rob suggestions on FDC3 documentationGroup
5Validate FOS object standards investigationsGroupSee investigation notes and protobuf spike
5ODP notes shared by Jamie JonesGroup
10Roadmap for 2019 for ODP ahead of the board meetingGroup
5AOB & adjourn



  • Brian: Atlassian SSO will never be enabled by banks, as it enables access to all Atlassian instances

Decisions Made

  •  Sending out ODP accessibility questionnaire to members is less important than supporting FINOS Program activities; first focus on ODP-52

Action Items

  • Plan report on removing frictions, ie once a month, to this group from Maurizio Pillitu
  • ODP-52 (1) - best practices on documentation site
  • ODP-52 (2) - object documentation and contribution
  • Maurizio Pillitu - clear way to validate ODP activities and report back to the group

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