2019-04-10 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2019-04-10, 12am ET


Brian Ingenito (Deactivated)Morgan Stanley
Maurizio PillituFINOS
Gabriele ColumbroFINOS
Rob Underwood (Deactivated)FINOS
David Intrator
Bill ReynerFactSet
Leslie SpiroTick42

Outstanding Action Items


Time ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsConvene & Roll CallMaurizio Pillitu
5 minsRetrospective on current sprintGroup
10 minsPlanning for current and next SprintGroup
10 minsBacklog scrubbingGroup
5 minsODP Working Group "lite/unofficial" meeting at FINOS Members Meeting (London, 1st May)Group

10/15 minutes on FINOS project lifecycle. Rest of it open discussions on backlog items. How to submit an issue to the ODP backlog. If EST-friendly, can be streamed in WebEx

1 hour long session

10 minsTravis CI as default CI tool for ODPGroup

Given the latest acquisition and the issues that have surfaced, see https://www.reddit.com/r/devops/comments/at3oyq/it_looks_like_ibera_is_gutting_travis_ci_just_a/  and https://blog.travis-ci.com/2018-04-03-incident-post-mortem

Brian Ingenito (Deactivated) can provide some feedback on possible alternatives to Travis CI (not urgent - Q3)

Gabriele Columbro can provide connections with Cloudbees (Jenkins enterprise)

5AOB & adjourn


Action Items

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