Developer Experience Project

Project Charter

The goal of the Developer Experience Project is to collect, discuss and refine requirements and implementation around the software development workflow (including ideation, development, testing and continuous integration, and deployment) to increase adoption and participation in modern technology practices, specifically Open Source. It is a home for banks collaborating together on the needs of developers and software processes, including coordinating with community members and technology vendors discussing problems including accessibility, regulatory concern and compliance; on-boarding and training; as well as best practices and architecture discussions. 

The Project will address these concerns by leveraging modern technology, open source tools, and industry best practices in a safe and secure way, ensuring these suggested practices support security at their core. The Project will release related collateral, white papers, and websites for dissemination, as well as inform the ODP Project of suggested improvements.


  1. Discuss and document the developer requirements of financial services, fintech, and other regulated firms to support best practices throughout the entire software development life-cycle. These can take place in b-lateral discussions or ad hoc/focus groups.
  2. Discuss and document the security, legal, and oversight requirements of financial services, fintech, and other regulated firms to support collaboration throughout the entire software development life-cycle.
  3. Promote knowledge-sharing between technical experts to share best practices and educate the community on modern and industry-specific best practices.
  4. Produce recommendations to extend, enhance and implement the Foundation’s existing Developer tool chain and infrastructure (currently known as the Open Developer Platform) based on the gathered requirements using modern technologies and industry best practices. 
  5. Produce reference architecture(s) and implementations for financial services firms encompassing consumption of and deployment of open source software.

The Team


Dx Project Meeting

Previous Engagements include

Collaboration Tools Focus Group
Morgan Stanley
Goldman Sachs
Deutsche Bank
Information Dissemination
Open Source Security
JPMorgan Chase
Technological Support

Group Information

  • Mailing list: (web archive)
  • No recurrent meetings are planned for this group, however, we encourage and support ad-hoc meetings around specific topics related to the group charter. Please reach out with questions directly to the Project chair or the mailing list, at the address above.

Participation Requirements

Participation is open and encouraged from those inside and outside the foundation

The Working Group (called "Project" since October 2019) was approved by the board on 2018-04-24.

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