2019-01-30 ODP WG Meeting notes

Table of Contents


Wednesday, 2019-01-30, 12am ET


Morgan StanleyChair
Jamie JonesGitHubParticipant
Diane Mueller-KlingsporRed HatParticipant
Maurizio PillituFINOSParticipant
Gabriele ColumbroFINOSFacilitator
Rob Underwood (Deactivated)FINOSFacilitator
Adam BatkinAQRGuest
Espen OverbyeOpenFinGuest
Riko EksteenAdaptiveGuest
Rich LinnellJPMCGuest
Tristan RatchfordWellingtonGuest
Alessandro PetroniRed HatGuest

Outstanding Action Items

  • Open for volunteers to build a spike - similar to the one built with ProtoBuf - to present to the FOS Working Group as a solution to adopt


Time ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minsConvene & Roll Call

10 mins

Decomposition of ODP-62 (Reference object library implementation for Financial Objects Working Group)

15 mins

Demo of ODP-65 (Object definitions on GitHub and documentation generation on GitHub Pages)

Maurizio Pillitu

10 minsFinal Scrubbing and start sprintGroup

Review ODP backlog and start sprint

10 minsRoadmap update GroupWho can take the action to update the roadmap for this group in 2019?
5AOB & adjourn


Action Items

Need help? Email help@finos.org we'll get back to you.

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