2018-07-25 ODP WG Meeting Notes

Table of Contents


Wednesday, 2018-07-25


Outstanding Action Items


Time (mins)ItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minConvene & roll call


5Confirm/plan recurrent meeting


Wednesday, July 25, 8am PT, bi-weekly

10Wiki docs reviewGroup

Identify streams of activities and owners


Blogpost for 3rd August FINOS newsletter

GroupAre we in time? Who volunteers?
15ODP Backlog prioritization; start the first sprintGroup

10ODP at OSSFGroup

How many talks to deliver and which type of content; an ODP training on day3 could be an option?

5Walk-through the finos-dev-toolchain projectGroupIf time allows
5AOB & adjourn


Decisions Made

  • Write up best practices to collect notes and socialise ODP WG achievements
  •  Get someone from GitHub to be involved with the ODP WG

Action Items

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