2018-10-17 ODP WG Meeting notes

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Wednesday, 2018-10-17, 10am ET


Outstanding Action Items


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2Who's in the callGroup

ODP Backlog retrospective


  • Discussed   ODP-52 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (Repository for 
  • Respository for Standards Repo:
    • Core Needs
      • Colin's view of core needs for FDC3
        • We need a CI server
        • We need a place to publish what's coming out of typedoc
        • We need a way to distribute via NPM

  • Diane
    • (To Colin) What tools did you use to collaborate as FDC3

      • Colin: One of the problems is too many different communications channels (to choose from) amongst FINOS; we need one communication channel. I prefer that we use Github. 

    • have you created any example applications?

      • open fin have done some example applications

      • Gab: get open fin to deploy a sample application? how to get other people to see it and download and deploy easily

        • Gab: Zero time trading app? smaller incremental job

  • Brian
    • Will lose access to Atlassian on Nov 16th ; can reapply, but sticky
20ODP next Sprint planningGroup

10CLA bot enhancementsBrian Ingenito (Deactivated)

Create subtask on ODP-44 for documenting how to sign up on Red Hat using GitHub ID and onboard on the OpenShift console

5AOB & adjourn


Pending action Items

Decisions Made

  • ODP-44 in the sprint
  • All other tasks in the sprint move to the next one

Action Items

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