Development Infrastructure

Security vulnerabilities responsible disclosure

Read the FINOS security vulnerabilities responsible disclosure document to know how security incidents are managed across FINOS projects. Use WhiteSource to configure your FINOS project for automated scanning.

The Foundation provides a service-based infrastructure to support project teams throughout the entire /wiki/spaces/FINOS/pages/75530756.

The infrastructure is divided into these primary areas:

Below are reported some important concepts to help reading the infrastructure documentation.


Building and testing

The build is an end-to-end process that converts source code into reusable artifacts, something that we will refer to as deployable units, which is developed by the project team and hosted in the github repository. It is a particularly important task, as it can centralise and trigger several automated sub-tasks, such as version control, code testing, quality and compliance reports and more.

A working build process is key to implement more automated processes, such as release, Continuous Integration and automated deployments; it is also a requirement for/wiki/spaces/FINOS/pages/75530376.

To know more about build configuration, check the Languages page.


Versioning is the process to establish a format to a project version and the rules to update it, preferably integrating with automated build and release systems; the Foundation mandates the use of Semantic Versioning ("semver") throughout a project's lifecycle:

Every project team is encouraged to define specific criteria by which the MAJOR, MINOR and PATCH components of the semver scheme will be used (keeping in mind the general guidelines semver itself mandates), since this helps to provide clarity to consumers.


The release process allows to publish deployable units into a publicly available artifact repository, by invoking the build process and applying version control to increment the project's version; the Foundation collects guides and best practices on how to release a project, depending on the language and eco-system of choice; browse the Languages page to know more about automated configurations for a given language.

For those ecosystems that support more complex version number representations (e.g. Python), the Foundation requires that semver format be used.

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