OSR 2019 Roadmap

This is the Open Source Readiness Program's roadmap for 2019 as of January. The roadmap is divided up by high level activities, objectives, and deliverables, with approximate timelines for each. All timelines are approximate and may change with resourcing, priorities, etc.

  1. Complete: Open Source license compliance guide
    • Objective: Provide concise, accessible information about the basic compliance requirements of common open source licenses across use cases.
    • Status: First draft complete.
    • Milestones:
      • 1/18 Circulate to external experts and individual OSR participants
      • 1/31 Complete review by external commentators and OSR participants
      • 1/31 - 2/28 Resolve outstanding issues
      • 2/28 Publish v0.1 as open source project
  2. Open Source Readiness Assessment

    • Objective: Evaluate and report on member readiness. Provide input into future OSR objectives.
    • Status: Developing initial questionnaire.
    • Milestones:
      • 2/28 Finalize survey questions
      • 3/30 Complete initial member surveys
      • 5/31 Produce readiness scorecards and roadmaps for each participating FINOS member
      • 7/31 Open assessment to wider participation
      • 9/15 Publish industry-wide analysis
  3. OSR working group
    • Objective: Provide timely presentations and discussions on readiness topics relevant to participants.
    • Status: Still in initial stages of planning topics.
    • Scheduled:
      • Complete: 1/16 Kate Vershov: open source licenses - detailed overview (complete)
      • Complete: 1/30 License compliance guide review & discussion
      • Complete: 2/13 Open source compliance training discussion
      • Complete: 3/13 Andrew Hall - overview of products for open source license compliance
      • Complete: 3/27 George Grant (Goldman Sachs): architecture of Goldman's open source review process
    • To be scheduled:
      • Case Study: Innersource
      • Case Study: Technical architecture of an open source review process
  4. Open Source Readiness Focus Groups
    • Objective: intensive 4- to 8-hour open source readiness sessions with FINOS members in London and New York to work through practical open source readiness challenges.
    • Status: Scheduling first (London) focus group
    • Milestones (all dates approximate):
      • TBC New York focus group
      • 5/2 London focus group
      • H2 - TBC New York focus group
      • H2 - TBC London focus group
  5. Open Source Strategy Roundtable - Capital Markets
    • Objective: Identify shared development objectives to mutualize costs.
    • Status: Identifying topic & participants for first roundtable.
    • Milestones:
      • 3/30 Roundtable complete
      • 5/1 Report and recommendations published
  6. Innersource Pilot Roadmap
    • Objective: Publish roadmap and resources for running an innersourcing pilot program within a bank.
    • Status: Developing requirements.