The Open Developer Platform (ODP)


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The Open Developer Platform (ODP) is a fully hosted developer platform offered free of charge to all FINOS software contributors; it is composed of communication and software development tools across three tiers:

The ODP is advised and prioritized by the Open Developer Platform Project, which is part of the Financial Delivery Accelerator FINOS Program.

Download slides in PDF format.

Bugs and feature requests

Developers may submit issues related to the ODP via

if you want to contribute to ODP, submit a feature request or simply listen in, please visit the ODP Working Group page, check the prioritized backlog and join the next bi-weekly meeting.

The ODP is a community project managed by the Foundation and the various vendors who have chosen to contribute their technology to the ODP.  To know more, visit the ODP Working Group page.

Sign up to collaboration channels

Anyone can self sign up to Wiki and mailing lists, and join the WebEx meetings with project teams and working groups, where all of the FINOS community communication is conducted. If you can’t access or sign up, please let us know by writing at

Make your first code contribution

You can use GitHub Pull Requests and Issues to contribute to a FINOS hosted project; our cla-bot will walk you through the FINOS legal requirements and next steps to grant you access to the additional ODP tools and APIs.

Access to ODP dev tools and platforms

Permanent access to the ODP development tools and APIs is available to all approved committers on Foundation-hosted open source projects, for as long as those committers are engaged with a project.

To request access, email with the following info:

  • Name, surname and company
  • Corporate email address
  • FINOS Projects and Working Groups you have contributed to
  • GitHub ID
  • Red Hat Login ID (if OpenShift access is requested)

Need help? Email we'll get back to you.

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