Context Data Working Group (merged with Intents WG)

The Working Group was ratified by the PMC on 2018-02-28. See the Program Proposal for details on the progress of the group

FDC3 Context Data defines a standard way to pass common identifiers between apps to create a seamless workflow. FDC3 Context Data is not a symbology solution and is not focused on modeling financial objects. The focus is on providing a standard envelope and a standard set of identifiers that can be used to set a lowest common denominator for interop.

The Team


Current Participants

Nicholas KolbaOpenFinParticipant & FDC3 PMC
Tristan RatchfordWellingtonParticipant

Proposed Specification Standard

Standard Proposed for Ratification

On Monday, November 5, 2018, the Context Data Working Group reached consensus to ratify an initial specification for ratification. For more information, visit the standard proposal page.

UPDATE - This Working Group has been merged with Intents Working Group.  Refer to FDC3 Context Data & Intents Working Group for details and meeting info

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Permanent Manages the taxonomy for FDC3 standard Context Data
OccurrenceBiweeklyEvery 2 weeks on Monday at 10:00 am Eastern Time (ET)
WebEx662 571 727
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