API Working Group

Notice: This Working Group was consolidated into the FDC3 Standard Working Group in May 2020.

The Working Group was ratified by the PMC on 2018-02-28. See the Program Proposal for details on the progress of the group

FDC3 API standards support the following goals:

  • Create consistent developer interface for working with FDC3
  • Standardize interfaces for reference implementations
  • Standardize interfaces between Desktop Agents

The Team


nicholas kolba
Riko EksteenAdpativeCo-Chairriko@weareadaptive.com

Current Participants 

Frank TarsilloIHS MarkitParticipant
Nicholas KolbaOpenfinParticipant
Jonathan TeperJPMCParticipant
Leslie SpiroGlue42Participant
Richard LinnellAdaptiveParticipant

(For information on active participation in the FDC3 API group see its dashboard in metrics.finos.org)

General Information

Working Group Charter


Group information


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