An entity representing a hyperlink to a web resource identified by a URI.

Version 0.1






com.symphony.uri [A]

1The URI of the linked resource.


com.symphony.content.type [A]


The type of the linked resource.


com.symphony.content.subtype [A]

0..1The sub-type of the linked resource.
 com.symphony.service.provider [A]0..1The name of the service provider of the linked resource. Used to provide special rendering for particular media types.
labelorg.symphonyoss.string [A]0..1The label to be displayed.
presentationMLPresentationML1Default rendering.

The type, sub-type and provider attributes are intended to be added by a standard Symphony enrichment app in order to render some special cases in a particular way. The current product provides special rendering for YouTube video links for example.


The following example represents a link entity which has been locally enriched by the receiver:

<entity type="" version="0.1">
    <attribute type="com.symphony.content.type" value="video" enrichment="1"/>
    <attribute type="com.symphony.service.provider" value="youtube" enrichment="1"/>
    <attribute type="com.symphony.uri" value="" />
	<attribute name="label" type="org.symphonyoss.string" value=""/>
    <presentationML>[ ->]</presentationML>
    <presentationML enrichment="1">[youtube: bbWqo1i2OZY]</presentationML>

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