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Financial Objects Program

Program deprecation notice

Notice: Per PMC decision, this program was disbanded in May 2020 and its projects now continue to exist as high-level projects under the FINOS Project Catalog.

Welcome to the collaboration space for the Financial Objects Program!  This Program was formed to drive adoption of new and existing Financial Object Standards across the Financial Services Industry, through a FINOS Program that brings together creators of Financial Objects with users of Financial Objects. Standardization of Financial Objects is valuable to the Financial Services industry because it will lower integration and transaction costs, simplify processing across organizational boundaries, enable the mutualization of commodity software for handling these objects, and improve the discoverability of data and overall interpretability and readiness for data analysis tools.


This Program's Projects can be reviewed on the Foundation's Catalogue, while the latest collaboration activity can be seen on the Foundation's metrics dashboard.


This Program's projects are managed on GitHub.



Anyone may contribute a new Project into FINOS.

Getting in Touch

Financial Objects project mailing list: (web archive)


This program operated as such until May 2020, when programs were disbanded by PMC decision. You can still access e-mail archives for historic mailing lists:

PMC mailing list: You can access the e-mail archive for the mailing list here.

PMC private mailing list: You can access the e-mail archive for the mailing list here (private web archive).



Program Operations Policy

The Financial Objects Program uses the Foundation's standard Program Operations Policy.

Participation Requirements

We request active participation through the contribution of your own use cases to allow collaboration and consensus towards financial object standards. We aim to take contributions of established financial objects in active or planned workflows utilized within the financial services eco-system with the intention to converge towards a common structure of a financial object. Active participants will be able to vote on the core structure of a financial object type to ensure ability to version, test and validate these financial objects in practice against their business use case and associated workflow. That workflow can be internal to internal, internal to external or across multiple internal and external party workflows.

Approved Program Proposal

The Financial Objects Program was approved by the Foundation's Board on 2018-04-24.

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