kdb+ Project

Project Charter

The kdb+ project will curate common standards, tools, and libraries to facilitate collaborative development, ease artifact reuse, and improve usability and administration of kdb+ software in enterprise deployments.

Group Information

Participation Requirements

(Requirements Approved by DT PMC on June 28, 2019)

  • Participants are expected to have:
    • Experience at a FinTech firm that uses kdb+ "at scale":
      • dozens to hundreds of cooperating hosts running q processes
      • dozens to hundreds of users with different access levels to the data
    • Knowledge of the Q programing language.
  • Familiarity with Software Development Lifecycle and Separation of Duties is also helpful.

The Team

Alvin Shih (Morgan Stanley)
Alok Dutt (Citi)Participant
Aaron Davies (Morgan Stanley)Participant
Peter Gyorok (Morgan Stanley)Participant
Timofey Beletskiy (JPMC)Participant
Jonny Press (AquaQ)Participant

The Project (formerly called Working Group) was approved by the PMC on 2018/07/11.

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