License Categories

Category A

Public Domain dedications

The concept of "public domain" is a little complicated, as not every jurisdiction recognises the concept, so it's good to raise the issue to when it shows up. As general guidance, if the author of the library is American, the component is not a major one, and there is no public trace of issues related to the licensing of this component, there should not be problems bundling it in a FINOS (project) release.

Code licensed under the following licenses (and public domain dedications) may be included in Foundation contributions. If the license requires attribution or other notices, these should be included in the project's NOTICE file.

Common Category A Licenses

LicenseSPDX id
Apache License v. 1.1Apache-1.1

Apache License v. 2.0

BSD Zero Clause0BSD
BSD 2-clauseBSD-2-Clause
BSD 3-clauseBSD-3-Clause
Eclipse Distribution License v. 1.0


Please see this page for details regarding the use of "BSD-3-Clause" as the SPDX identifier of this license.

Microsoft Public License (MsPL)MS-PL
PHP License v. 3.01PHP-3.01
PostgreSQL LicensePostgreSQL
Python Software Foundation License v. 2.0Python-2.0

Other Category A Licenses

LicenseSPDX id

ACE licenseDOC
Adobe Postscript AFM LicenseAPAFML
Autoconf configuration file license v. 2.0GPL-2.0-with-autoconf-exception
Autoconf configuration file license v. 3.0GPL-3.0-with-autoconf-exception
Bouncy Castle LicenseMIT
Boost Software License Version v. 1.0BSL-1.0

CERN Colt package license 

Applies only to CERN packages in Colt and not non-CERN packages

Creative Commons Copyright-Only Dedication[N/A]
DejaVu Fonts (Bitstream Vera/Arev licenses)[N/A]
DOM4J License
ICU LicenseICU
MX4J License


Please see this page for details regarding the use of "Apache-1.1" as the SPDX identifier of this license.

Open Services Oriented Architecture Collaboration documentation license[N/A]

UK Open Government License

This license allows the licensor to provide a custom attribution notice. If one is provided, include in the NOTICE. If one is not provided, include 'Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.' in the NOTICE.

Unicode, Inc. License Agreement - Data Files and SoftwareUnicode-DFS-2017
University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source LicenseNCSA
Zope Public License v. 2.0ZPL-2.0
W3C Software Notice and LicenseW3C
Do What the F*** You Want To Public License (WTFPL)WTFPL

Category B

Third-party code licensed under the following licenses may be included in Foundation projects. However, because these licenses contain certain restrictions on downstream users (such as a reciprocal licensing requirement), a notice must be included in the project's CONTRIBUTING file if the third-party code appears directly in the project's repository. This is to ensure that contributors are aware when their modifications may be subject to restrictions other than those in the Apache License.

LicenseSPDX id
CC0-1.0 ("no material conditions at all" licenses, so they can typically be incorporated into projects under any other common open source license. But explicitly excludes a patent license, not suitable for outbound licenses)CC0-1.0
Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v. 1.0CDDL-1.0

CDDL v. 1.1


Common Public License (CPL) v. 1.0

Eclipse Public License (EPL) v. 1.0EPL-1.0
Erlang Public License v. 1.1ErlPL-1.1
IBM Public License (IPL) v. 1.0IPL-1.0
IPA Font License Agreement v. 1.0IPA
Mozilla Public License (MPL) v. 1.0MPL-1.0
MPL v. 1.1MPL-1.1
MPL v. 2.0MPL-2.0

Ruby License

Includes the older version when GPLv2 was a listed alternative Ruby 1.9.2 license.

SIL Open Font License v. 1.1OFL-1.1
Sun Public License (SPL) v. 1.0SPL-1.0
Ubuntu Font License Version v. 1.0[N/A]

UnRAR License

Only for unarchiving.


Category X

Category X dependencies are excluded either because their licenses would not permit the Foundation project to be licensed under the Apache License, or because they contain other problematic terms. Category X licenses include any proprietary license or EULA, as well as many free and open source software licenses with reciprocal licensing requirements and other restrictions.

Dependencies that are licensed with a Category X license cannot be used in a Foundation project.

LicenseSPDX id
Academic Free License v. 3.0AFL-3.0
Affero GPL (AGPL) v. 1AGPL-1.0
AGPL v. 2AGPL-2.0
AGPL v. 3AGPL-3.0
Amazon Software License (ASL)[N/A]
Apple Public Source License (all versions)APSL-1.0, APSL-1.1, APSL-1.2, APSL-2.0
Oracle Binary Code License (BCL)[N/A]
Code Project Open License (CPOL) v. 1.02CPOL-1.02
BSD 4-ClauseBSD-4-Clause
Creative Commons Attribution (CC By) v. 2.5CC-BY-2.5
CC By v. 3.0CC-BY-3.0
CC By v. 4.0CC-BY-4.0
Most Creative Commons licenses (when applied to source code)
European Union Public License (EUPL) v. 1.0EUPL-1.0
European Union Public License (EUPL) v. 1.1EUPL-1.1
GNU General Public License (GPL) v. 1GPL-1.0
GPL v. 2GPL-2.0
GPL v. 3GPL-3.0
GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL) v. 2.1LGPL-2.1
LGPL v. 3LGPL-3.0
GNU L/GPL licenses as modified by most special exceptions (e.g. the GNU Classpath exception).
Honest Public License[N/A]
Microsoft Limited Public License (Ms-LPL)[N/A]
Netscape Public License (NPL) 1.0NPL-1.0
NPL 1.1NPL-1.1
Open Software License v. 3.0OSL-3.0
Q Public License (QPL) 1.0QPL-1.0
Sleepycat LicenseSleepycat