2019-11-05 FDC3 General Meeting Notes

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NameOrganisationGithub ID (optional)

Johan SanderssonFactSet
Jonathan TeperJP Morgan
Matt JamiesonNatWest
Omkaram PallothuBank of America
Riko EksteenAdaptive
Tom SchadyGreenKey
Tosha EllisonFINOS

Outstanding Action Items

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TimeItemWhoNotes from the Meeting
5 minConvene & roll call

40minPresentationnicholas kolbaRiko Eksteen

Access the presentation here

  • FDC3 in Production 
  • Getting Ready for 1.1  
  • Community Survey
  • We’re Moving! (Github Orgs)
  • AOB
5 minAOB & adjourn

Decisions Made

Action Items

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