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The Foundation provides a variety of infrastructure to support Programs, Projects, and Working Groups.  These infrastructure components are comprised of:

  • General purpose collaborative tools, that support the collaboration needs of all bodies in the Foundation.
  • The Open Developer Platform (ODP), which primarily supports in the form of CI/CD tooling used in projects to do open source development. The ODP also refers to the backlog of engineering, technical, deployment work done by the FINOS infrastructure team to support program operations and build out developer tooling. 
  • The FINOS catalogue of Projects and Working Groups (, which provides a filterable list of all of the activities (i.e., projects and working groups) hosted by the Foundation.
  • PMC Monthly Reports, periodic (monthly) email reports to Program PMCs with a link to the program activity dashboard in along with metrics required for program steering
  • Activity Dashboards in, that provide insights into the activity of Programs, Projects, and Working Groups.

The Foundation has found that most banks restrict access to many online services that most open source developers in other industries take for granted.  This includes, but is by no means limited to:

  • Chat platforms such as Slack and gitter
  • Document management systems such as Google Docs, DropBox and iCloud
  • Task and project management tools such as Trello and Asana
  • Scheduling assistants such as Doodle
  • Developer productivity tools such as GitHub Gists and JSFiddle
  • Survey tools such as SurveyMonkey and Google Forms

To help ensure equal access for all community members, the Foundation strongly recommends being conservative in your infrastructure choices, as liberal use of online services stands a high likelihood of inadvertently excluding large swathes of our community.

In the near future the Foundation will publish a list of the general accessibility status of many common online services, to help PMC members, project teams, and working groups navigate these restrictions.

All requests for new infrastructure should be made by raising a HELP issue in the Foundation's issue tracker, or by emailing, including the name of the infrastructure component you're requesting, along with a brief description of what it will be used for.