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Mailing Lists

How to Subscribe

All of the mailing lists described on this page can be subscribed to either by visiting the web archive link (which may be blocked by some firms), or by sending an email to <list-name>+subscribe@finos.org (which should be available to employees of most firms).

For example:

Note that membership in some lists is restricted, and requests to subscribe to those lists may be rejected if membership requirements aren't met.

To help control spam, all Foundation mailing lists that allow posting by the general public are moderated, which can result in slight delays in delivery.

If you've sent an email to one of these lists and haven't received any acknowledgement, or don't see it in the web archive, please notify the Foundation's help alias and we'll look into it for you.

Foundation Wide Lists

General entry point to the Community, ask questions, propose an idea or ask feedback to the Community at large. Includes all the Program general lists and FINOS staff.


(web archive)

Announcements and new program proposals.


(web archive)

Foundation Membership discussions and announcements (available to all employees of Foundation member organisations).


(web archive)

Project Specific Lists

Each Project maintains the following mailing lists that anyone can post to. The mailing list reaches all participants in that project. A good venue for scope, functional, and technical questions about the project as well as expressing an interest in participating.

Here are all of these lists, for the Foundation's Projects:

ProjectProject Mailing list
Alloy Pilotalloy-pilot@finos.org
Cloud Service Certificationfdx-cloud-service-certification@finos.org
Financial Objectsfo@finos.org
Open Developer Platformfdx-odp@finos.org
Plexus Interopplx-desktop-interop@finos.org
Security Reference Datadata-tech-sec-ref@finos.org
Voice Call Metadata Standardizationvoice-call-metadata-standardization@finos.org
Voice Greenkey SDK voice-greenkey-sdk@finos.org

[DISBANDED] Program Specific Lists

Program deprecation notice

Notice: Per PMC decision, programs were disbanded in May 2020 and each Program's projects now continue to exist as high-level projects under the FINOS Project Catalog.

Each Program maintains (at a minimum) the following mailing lists that can be posted to by anyone:

  1. [ARCHIVED] Program Mailing List - reaches all participants in that Program's projects and working groups.  A good venue for scope, functional, and technical questions about the program, its projects and working groups, as well as expressing an interest in participating in an existing project or working group.  If in doubt, use this mailing list!
  2. [ARCHIVED] PMC Mailing List - reaches the governance committee for that Program (but readable by anyone via the web archives).  A good venue for asking procedural questions about the program, such as how to contribute a new project or working group.
  3. [ARCHIVED] PMC Private Mailing List - also reaches the governance committee for that Program, but will not be visible to anyone else.  A good venue for asking the PMC sensitive questions (these lists should be used sparingly).

Programs existed as such until May 2020, when they were disbanded by PMC decision. You can still access e-mail archives for historic mailing lists through the links below:

Online Chat

Many members of our community use the Symphony platform for regulated, secure online chat, and we encourage all community members who do not have an account on a corporate Symphony "pod" (tenant) to sign up for a free account on Symphony LLC's public pod.  Once registered, you will be discoverable to other members of the community, and can initiate and participate in online chats.

Note that the public pod cannot be used for development purposes - for that use case the Open Developer Platform provides API access to a Symphony pod.

Foundation Team

Code of Conduct Violations

Please refer to the Community Code of Conduct page on the website - it includes instructions for reporting CoC violations.

FINOS Member Success and Support

If you are a FINOS Member and want to ask any question to FINOS, you can email to member-help@finos.org.

General Help

If you have a general question, or aren't sure who the best person to talk to is, please feel free to drop an email to help@finos.org and we'll happily direct your question to the right folks.

Infrastructure Support

If you need infrastructure support for your Program, Project, or Working Group, please raise a HELP issue in the Foundation's issue tracker, or email help@finos.org.

Individual Staff Members

PersonCan answer questions on:
  • Open source as a strategy for your organisation
  • The Foundation's vision & strategy
  • Foundation membership
  • San Francisco based
  • Member Success
  • Financial Services subject matter expertise
  • Marketing and Events
  • San Francisco based
  • Community infrastructure
  • Open Developer Platform (incl. developer experience, hosted platform access, etc.)
  • Marketing technology and web properties
  • Based in Barcelona, Spain
  • Chief of Staff
  • AR and Collections
  • Member Success support and operations
  • Silicon Valley based
  • Community Support specialist
  • Field Marketing 
  • NYC Based
  • Marketing Operations
  • Social Media
  • FINOS Public Facing Web Properties
  • Columbia,SC based