App Directory Working Group (merged with API Working Group)

The Working Group was ratified by the PMC on 2018-02-28. See the Program Proposal for details on the progress of the group

The App Directory Working Group was merged with the API Working Group in November 2019. Please refer to the API Working Group wiki for all recent (post-November 2019) activities.

The FDC3 App Directory provides trusted identity for financial desktop apps. This identity can be used to prevent spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks when apps communicate with one another and exchange data. The App Directory also enables service discovery. Apps are registered with a declaration of the intents and context data that can be used when interoperating.

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Nicholas KolbaOpenFinCTO


Chuck Danielsson
Johan SanderssonFactsetMember
Jonathan TeperJPMMember
Rhyddian OldsDBMember
Slava KyrukoyDB Member
Jorge SantosThomson ReutersMember
Christopher McGuireCitadelMember
Istvan FarmosiMorgan StanleyMember
Leslie SpiroTick42Member
Tim KoleckeCitadelMember
Espen OverbyeOpenFinMember
Ricko EksteenWeare AdaptiveMember
Richard LinnellWeare AdaptiveMember
Philip BroadbentOpenFinMember
Nimit ShahOpenFinMember

Working group pages

Working Group Charter


The primary purpose of this working group is to produce industry standards for App Directories that can perform the following functions:

  • Provide verification of identity for an application running on a desktop - whether it is Native, Web, or Hybrid.
  • Resolve human readable names for applications to the location of and instructions for launching
  • Serve as a repository for application metadata supporting discoverability by intent, context, and other workflow driven facets.


Key points about the scope of the FDC3 App Directory standards:

  • Scope to include standards specifications and reference implementations
  • App Directory is not an App Store standard
  • App Directory standards must operate across financial platforms.
  • Internals of platforms, such as entitlements, are out of scope


The App Directory working group will be focused on delivering the following standards:

  • App Directory schema & API requirements
  • App name resolution
  • App launch resolution
  • App directory federation 


To be successful, the FDC3 is expected to have a critical mass of active participants for its duration. Effective participation in the FDC3 means participation in the form of research, authoring, editing, and development activities outside the scope of attending regular meetings


The FDC3 will use Apache2 license or similar for all deliverables.

Group information



Permanent Manages the taxonomy for FDC3 standard intents naming and definitions.

VisibilityPrivateuntil FINOS launch
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