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One of the formally-defined responsibilities of the FINOS team and Board is to provide technical guidance to project teams, either:

  1. upon request; or
  2. when a project appears to be faltering

In order to support the second scenario and to assist in providing visibility to the Foundation's board, maintainers are required to report on their current status and recent operations when requested to do so by the Board.

Contacting the FINOS team

If a project team wishes to contact the FINOS team the can reach out via the Projects can also go directly email at if they wish to escalate directly to the Governing Board.

Private or Sensitive Information

In the rare event that a project team wishes to discuss private or sensitive matters, they can reach out to individual FINOS team members or at Please note that the FINOS team is also responsible for handling Community Code of Conduct violations, so please see that page for details on reporting such incidents.