Contribute the Morphir set of technologies from Morgan Stanley


Business Problem

The finance industry is keen to find opportunities for efficiency across the industry. Interoperability and automation are major components of this effort. Most of the work has been focused establishing common data models. Another opportunity is establishing common logic models. Efficiencies can be realized in terms of consistent behaviors and calculations across contracts, establishing common models for regulatory requirements that can work across various technologies, and opportunities to automate large portions of application development. Doing these effectively across the industry requires converging on a common model to store business logic. This would allow the industry to develop a common set of tools that can still work across the many heterogeneous environments.

Proposed Solution

Morphir defines a common data model for storing business logic and a set of tools to process that data model in useful ways. This enables the development of common logic models that can be processed to execute across a wide range of technologies.

Current State

The core Morphir data model (aka Intermediary Representation) and an initial set of tools are open-sourced and available. Establishing a more robust set of tools and features would benefit greatly from wider community contributions.

Existing Materials

All of Morphir is currently found in multiple GitHub repositories that can be found through:

Development Team

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  • Stephen Goldbaum, Morgan Stanley, stephen.goldbaum@morganstanley, stephengoldbaum

  • Attila Mihaly, Morgan Stanley,, AttilaMihaly

  • Damian Reeves, Morgan Stanley,, DamianReeves

  • Michelle Chan, Morgan Stanley,, michelchan

  • Peter Smulovics, Morgan Stanley,, psmulovics

  • Reeshabh Agrawal, ?, ?, reesh--a


Maurizio Pillitu


Stephen Goldbaum


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Project Lead

Stephen Goldbaum