DataHelix - data generator


Business problem

The generation of correct and incorrect data for testing is difficult and often time-consuming. The DataHelix generator provides a means to create data for testing quickly and easily; reducing time and costs.

Proposed solution

The DataHelix generator provides a means to describe the structure of your correct data and provides the ability to create random data that fits this rule-set. The generator also permits the creation of random data that violates this rule-set for negative testing.

Current state

The DataHelix generator is currently in a beta state being released to the public in this state at the end of March. There are lots of features that we think would be of great benefit to users. Ultimately we want feedback and suggestions to allow the tool to develop into the best possible tool for the job.

Existing materials

The DataHelix generator is hosted in GitHub here:

Development team

The current contributors are employees of ScottLogic, composed of

  • Andrew Carr - Product Owner - @andrewcarrblue

  • Colin Eberhardt - Product Owner - @ColinEberhardt

  • Simon Laing - Product Owner and Lead Developer - @sl-slaing

  • Andy Aspell-Clark - Senior Developer - @mrspaceman

  • David Withers - Test Engineer - @d-withers

  • Harry Bedford - Developer - @harryBedfordSL

  • Matt Cline - Developer - @MattCline-SL

  • Parveen Khan - Senior Test Engineer - @KhanP-SL

  • Paul Daulby - Developer - @pdaulbyscottlogic

Contributor agreement

We will continue to back the project through our development teams. We will also market the project through our own 'official' marketing channels, as well as promote it via word-of-mouth through meetups, talks and events. Scott Logic is already a silver foundation member.


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